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My bank(s)-3 accounts!!!!

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My bank(s)-3 accounts!!!!

Post by ~Alex on Wed Jun 10, 2009 9:59 am

Hey all, alot of people usually see me on initiate my main in full 3rd age range or on my tanker with full dragon (plate, full helm set) and d claws + dfs on at same time (pro tbh) so i thought i'll show my true 'wealth' if you's consider this wealth Smile

1st row: i initiate i, 2nd row il spellz li, on far right side i tanked u:

how'd i get so 'rich' if you'd say that. well when i 1st started playing i started by ranging dust devils, i got a clue scroll.. i did it (dig at elves) and i got 3rd age range body.. pretty lucky eh? i sold it to mr grun, surprisingly still plays occasionally for something like 400m i think, i then started doing barrows after a few people helping me get idea's for cash. i made a fair few mil from barrows. i then discovered about God spells, they hit constant 30's, so i bought a 'god set' as they were called back then. i camped at God Wars for agesss... i had something like 6 sarasword drops, 3 top hats, 2 ags's, d claws drops.. i had 1 d whip drop but i didn't see it and the guy who was also ranging it looted it.. i didn't really care i felt sorry for him as he wasn't getting any drops Sad then my friend IRL quit (h3llz something, cant remember now lol) i got his full void, d whip, dfs, 300 something mil cash etc. by then i started training i tanked u, i transfered bandos and dfs form my main for that account, and built from there.

thanks for checking Smile, and if anyone accuses me of duping, i don't. i don't know HOW to dupe, and as far as staff thinks there are no possible ways to dupe, although im sure there is ways, which i would like too stop Sad if your going to accuse me of duping, don't post. Report it to an admin or something, but not here, thanks.


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Re: My bank(s)-3 accounts!!!!

Post by sayhiinlumby on Wed Jun 10, 2009 12:43 pm

All this talk about you duping sounds kinda fishy....

Just playing, I know you're an aight guy. Nice stuff.


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Post by Erick on Wed Jun 10, 2009 1:28 pm

Nah, he doesn't dupe he doesn't share items either :'( lol jk but nice bank XD!

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Re: My bank(s)-3 accounts!!!!

Post by $ Sin $ on Wed Jun 10, 2009 4:52 pm

nice Wink

$ Sin $

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Re: My bank(s)-3 accounts!!!!

Post by purelypked on Wed Jun 10, 2009 5:08 pm

nic items in your bank. Smile))


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Re: My bank(s)-3 accounts!!!!

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